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Do you like spooky stories? Then try:

cover - My Spooky SisterMy Spooky Sister

(Andersen Press)
Winner of the Braunstone Book Award and the Stockport Book Award.

How can an 8-year-old girl know the details of a murder that happened over 20 years ago?


An unsolved murder, together with a detective who is ready to listen to an eight-year-old girl, make this an eerie and thought provoking read for those who like a ghostly twist at the end.


A well crafted mystery story with a rattling pace.

School Librarian

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cover - Demon's RockDemon's Rock   

ISBN: 0 7460 6037 8
When a strange boy turns up at their house, Bug & his sister are drawn into the secrets of Demon’s Rock.


The book’s beginning was like an addiction, you needed more so you read on.

Zachary M Kirby…reviewing for the Lancashire Children’s Book Award.

It's amazing because in every page it's tense and you just can't put the book down. I would recommend it to everyone.

Sruthi, aged 10 from Broadstone

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Or do you like mysteries? Then you might like to read:

cover - Monkey ManMonkey Man

ISBN: 1-84362-278-5
A hideous hairy creature is on the loose and only Max & his sister know its secret. 

A lively, well written comedy

Jan Mark TES

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cover - The Foxcraft FilesThe Foxcroft Files

(Andersen Press)
ISBN: 1-84270-279-3
What could be worse than starting a new school where your dad is the head-teacher? 

Pike finds out when he meets Ryan Foxcroft, a boy with a troubled past. Ryan isn’t always truthful, so Pike finds it hard to believe him when he insists he wasn’t responsible for the fire…

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cover - DeadlineDeadline 

(Educational Printing Services)
ISBN: 1-904904-30-0
Scott and Joss are determined to find a crime story for their school newspaper. After two attempts result in total chaos, they stumble upon a real crime and realise their lives are in danger.

Deadline is such a brilliant book. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. 10/10.

Rachel, from Kendal. Age 9 

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What would you do if you got an e-mail from an alien? Find out what Jason does in:

e-(t) mail  

(Andersen Press)
ISBN: 1-84270-095-2
Jason thinks that the e-mail from an alien just has to be a practical joke. But is it a prank or something much more scary?

A gripping plot…thought provoking.

The Westmorland Gazette

e[t]mail is great fun, but also a book which could provoke a discussion on the importance of being aware of the real dangers of the internet.

Write Away

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