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Intrigued by secrets, deception and lies? Then you might like these books:

Dangerously Close

A compelling story of family abuse and deceitful love from this award-winning author of teen fiction.

cover - Can You Keep a SecretCan You Keep a Secret?

(Corgi childrens)
ISBN: 0-552-54804-9
It's hard enough for Karen to untangle all Zoe's lies & secrets...even worse when a secret of her own comes out.

A plot full of tensions

School Librarian

A gripping read with loads of twists 

***** Mizz

A riveting read.

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The Girl Who Knew  

(Corgi childrens)
ISBN: 0-552-54699-2

Short-listed for The Lancashire Book Award and The Leicester Book Award.

When Kits is paralysed in a hit & run accident, she discovers some startling new powers and begins to realise that her friend's life may be in danger.

For a superbly spooky thriller you won’t do better than The Girl Who Knew

Daily Mail

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cover - Breaking the RulesBreaking the Rules

(Corgi childrens)
ISBN: 0-552-54676-3
Winner of the Children’s Jury Award, Belgium.
Runner up in ‘Fodazione Cassa’ Italy.

Suzie thinks that rules are there to be what on earth will happen  when she's let loose in an old people's home on work experience?     

Suzie’s battle with officialdom will uplift all who read it.

Yorkshire Evening Press.

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Do you like mysteries? Then you might enjoy:

Don’t Tell

Shortlisted for the Lancashire Book Award, The RED Award and the Portsmouth Book Award.


cover - SpikedSpiked

(Andersen Press)
ISBN: 1-84270-431-1 (hbk)
Who would want to spike Debra’s drink and for what sinister purpose?

This is a classic mystery thriller. It is very cleverly written, enough information is given to imply that several people could have done it and the reader is constantly trying to sort out the clues from the red herrings. This makes it impossible to put down.

Write Away

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cover - YouYou

(Corgi childrens)
18 year old Josie is trying to start a new life but will she ever be free of Alex, the menacing figure from her past?

Really, really good and thought-provoking.
Book Rating: **** four stars (incredible)

Anna, 13

Provocative, gritty and compelling.

Children’s Books Magazine Ireland

Unable to put it down

Books for Keeps

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cover - Crazy GamesCrazy Games 

(Andersen Press)
ISBN: 0-552-54803-0
Brad thinks that video games are why has his friend, Col, started behaving even more strangely than usual?

A really gripping thriller.

Yorkshire Post

‘It’s a cracker.

Lancashire Life

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Prefer Ghost Stories? Then try:

cover - Face to FaceFace to Face  

(Corgi childrens)
ISBN: 0-552-54746-8
Adelle is haunted by a face in the mirror...a face, which forces her to confront  some terrible things.

A powerful ghost story for our own time.

The Independent

A simply great book.

Wiltshire Times

I read it all in one go and was totally carried along by the story.

Nicola Hudson (teacher)

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Do you believe in aliens? These books might help you make up your mind:

The Nowhere Boy    

(Corgi childrens)
ISBN: 0-552-54647-X
Shortlisted for The Lancashire Book Award, The South Lanarkshire Award and runner-up in The Prix-Versele (France).

Mandy has a mystery to solve when J’hon comes into her life.

Quirky,  wise, ingenious…my sort of read. 

Robert Swindells.

...the way she integrates the fantasy element of her story into a moving, realistic tale about fostering is very skilful


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cover - It didn't HappenIt Didn’t Happen

(Andersen Press)
ISBN: 1-84270-077-4
Teenage friends, Paul and Melissa, are missing, presumed drowned, then Paul returns, dazed, confused and alone. Can his weird account of what happened possibly be true or has he got something to hide?

There is suspense throughout the book and I was left wondering what would happen next.

    Hamzah Dhalech

It is impossible to speak too highly of this book

Review on Achuka by Jacob.

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