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Collection of Sandra Glover titles

Glover is super gritty... I like her style The Times

Hairy Horror published April 3rd 2014. Anna loves her new home, but if there’s one thing she doesn’t like it’s the scary basement her genius step-brother, Hal, carries out experiments in. When Anna discovers that Hal’s latest project involves an enormous hairy spider called Tula, Anna is absolutely terrified. Can she ever learn to live with a ginormous monster tarantula lurking in the house?

Short-Listed for the Surrey Libraries’ Children’s Book Award 2015

This quirky, funny and at times dangerous tale will entertain all young readers - The Guardian - Best Summer Reads

Divided into chapters, the story is very funny, energetically written and punctuated with easy dialogue. Characters are lively and varied. Anna, whose story this is, is big-hearted, her observations acute and her predicaments comic. She’s also a great problem-solver, as the brilliant ending shows. Hal, whose behaviour is perhaps somewhere along the autism spectrum is a whizz kid obsessed with his pet, while she, Tula, the star of the story, has a huge and loving presence, in spite of her appearance. Readers, who are likely to react as Anna did, initially will, by the end of this quirky story come to see her in an entirely new light. Books For Keeps

’Fall Out’ ... The interesting thing about this thoughtful novel – a salutary and very plausible tale – is the way the effects of the party follow Hannah for years afterwards, even while she’s at university. The Independent

’Fall Out’ ... ’a gripping story, filled with tension and insight’ - reviewed by Linda Lawlor

’Identity’ Three girls, three sets of secrets, three lives about to collide.

’Message from Mia’ ... short-listed for the Nottingham Brilliant Books Award and the RED award.

’Don’t Tell’ ... short-listed for the Lancashire Book Award, the Falkirk Red Award, The West Australian Young Readers Book Award, The Sakura Medal and the Portsmouth Award

’Somewhere Else’ ...  ’a distinctive, instantly accessible triumph of a novel.’ Bookseller’s Choice (reviewed by Jake Hope), Bookseller 27Jun08

 ’Dangerously Close’ When Dee’s traumatised family start a new life, she is relieved to find two uncomplicated, fun-loving friends. But with the onset of problems for one, and a controlling boyfriend influencing the other, Dee notices frightening parallels with her own troubles. Is she seeing things clearly, though? And will her efforts to help mean revealing family secrets? Secrets they so desperately want to keep hidden.






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